ACORN is an emerging movement of working-class communities organised and united for change.


Ours is a movement of people who care enough to take action; from creating campaigns and signing petitions to powering them with monthly donations and from coming together in community groups to taking part in direct-action.

Together we are building sustainable, independent, crowd-financed people-power in our neighbourhoods, towns and workplaces. Together, we are a national force for economic justice.


Our movement is guided by all those of you who take part in community consultations, fill in online polls, email and text us suggestions, meet locally and nationally to plan campaigns and actions, provide testimony, tell stories and shape all that we are.

The foundation of our movement is our organisation of community groups. ACORN is owned, controlled and made up of members like you who power the people by chipping in small change each week, collectively putting the money behind our movement. Like any union, our contributing members own the organisation and elect our leaders. From our street reps, to our board of directors, if you keep us moving, you’re in control. 

Unlike any other union though, everyone has a part to play. If you take action - you’re involved. If you can contribute, your pennies will make up the £'s that it takes to beat the money men. But without everyone involved, we’re less than we could be.

Care enough to say “enough”.

Take action: Join us.


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  • commented 2015-06-29 11:05:16 +0100
    Dear officer,
    I am a International student, I rent a house in Coventry from Principal tenant, I have paid 10 months rent, which is from 21th Sep of 2014 to 20th July of 2015. However, I had lived 4.5 months, then, I left the house, so the Principal tenant sublet my room to another people 4 months until 10th June. Now I want to live my room again while the Principal tenant refuse me check-in and reject to return my rent money.
    can I legally live my room again or refund my rent money.
    Then, I signed the contract with Principal tenant, Does the contract conform law.
    Best wishes,
  • commented 2015-05-10 17:24:40 +0100
    Great but “all classes”. We are all one genome within one world.. our world…our environment…one life..for all life, humans included. To support a pragmatic reality for life please support our Living Economy and transform our world literally for the common good. Resilient, thriving and sustainable.
    Want a copy which can be adapted for every community? Just ask. It is published in our Green News of Spring 2015..for Camborne Redruth and a Hayle area here in West Corneall for Trelawny’s Follk. You are welcome to adapt it for your own area.
    But be careful it is very powerful and is like a link in a trillion piece chain..UNBREAKABLE.
    In Peace
    (Dr.) Nigel Miles
    Green Economist and Ecological Literacy Awareness Educator.
    07415 628628