Following on from the launch of the ACORN Easton (Bristol) and ACORN Leith (Edinburgh) community organisations earlier this year, we are massively excited to announce the launch of ACORN East Brixton in London!!

Here's what they're saying:

"The people of East Brixton came together last night to act on the neglect of the Coldharbour Lane area. People living around the road cutting through the community from Brixton to Loughborough Junction will set up a people’s organisation to stand up for the area. ACORN East Brixton, part of a global alliance of local communities, decided its first action: to get safe crossings for Coldharbour Lane. They also want action on local open spaces, safety at night, and housing, which will be future campaigns. ACORN is now collecting signatures to show the powers-that-be things have to change on an action day on 15th October"



With ACORN Leith pushing the Council to tidy up their area, and ACORN Easton winning improvements to traffic safety and running a now 1600 strong campaign to improve rented housing, you can bet the powers-that-be will be getting the message loud and clear!

We wish our new friends the best of luck and promise we'll support them all the way!

Check out their local blog here.


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