Here we go...

That was an exciting start!

On Friday night, 100 Easton residents came together at All Hallows Hall to launch our new community union.Easton_1st_Meeting_1.jpg

With folks coming from all over Easton, there was far too much to talk about. From concerns around local schools to properties left as junkyards by absentee landlords, and from rip off tenancy fees to zero hours contracts, the passion to create change was clear.

Actions speak louder than words and Friday night people joined ACORN, voted on our first campaign, suggested loads of local issues to campaign around, and volunteered to take action and help get the union moving.

There were also a lot of questions and we're sure there are lots more to discuss. Please do keep asking and discussing them. It might be a bit rough 'n' ready to start with, but each local group takes a while to settle into its own style and most of all we want to be an action focussed organisation, winning solutions to our problems. The best way to make your ACORN union what you want is to be involved. A union is just people, joining together to take action. If you want it to be a certain way or act on a certain issue, just join in and speak for it.

We'll shortly announce our exciting first campaign, which was voted for almost unanimously by those present Friday.

Whether you're a private tenant or just care about community stability and housing security, we think you'll like it. We'll also announce who was elected as temporary officers and touch on the always controversial issue of when the next meeting will be...*

But for now, we just wanted to say thanks.

Thanks to everyone who helped get it together. Those who put posters in their windows, helped do stalls and knock on doors to speak to neighbours. Those who helped plan the agenda and discuss the proposal for the first campaign and ran the meeting on the night, from welcoming people and building the union, to chairing, speaking, filming and minute taking.

Thanks to those who volunteered to be elected as temporary officers, and to be involved in planning campaigns and taking part in action, as well as all those who filled in surveys and suggested issues that ACORN should work on.

And thanks to all those who turned up, chipped in, asked questions, commented and voted.

All of this is the vital nitty gritty of building a poweful voice for our community - so thank you!

Thanks for joining us - let's organise and act.

* P.S The next big group meeting will be in a month's time, aiming for 19th June, please put it in your diary now.

P.P.S. If you've not become a paid up member of your community union yet, please consider committing now. If you have Paypal, you can join online at Alternatively, contact us here to request a membership form. 

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