ACORN in Newcastle


Organising for change in Newcastle!

I’ve been involved in community work for a number of years, advocating for or helping to provide services for people. But I am angry about some of the challenges facing ordinary people today, from low wages and cuts to services, to lack of facilities and slum landlords. Society is becoming increasingly unequal, unjust and unfair with wealth and power in the hands of a few. This isn’t the kind of society I want to live in.

People say that they don’t think things can change and that they feel despairing and unhopeful.

That’s why I wanted to work for ACORN – using community organising, ACORN worldwide has won victories for its members that tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing people and we are building power for people in low and middle income communities.

Now ACORN is coming to Newcastle! We need you to get involved so that we can build a mass-membership organisation here. You can become a member, spread the word to your neighbours and friends, join us speaking to people on stalls or even take leadership roles. Now is the time to be united over common aims to win changes and to claim a voice for people. Join ACORN Newcastle today here and check us out on Facebook and Twitter.   

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