Too many ACORN members struggle with getting and keeping decent, secure housing. So when some new affordable homes come along looking for people to live in them we get excited! Read this guest post by Jono Jenkinson of "Abolish Empty Office Blocks, House People" to find out how you can join a new housing community....


By Jono Jenkinson, AEOB

AEOB House People stands for Abolish Empty Office Buildings, House People. Its mission is to challenge the phenomenon of office and commercial buildings standing empty in Bristol while there is a need for housing, and to promote their use as an efficient alternative to building new homes. These new housing projects will provide secure, affordable housing to people who have previously only had access to unstable housing situations.


Through its work on these projects, AEOB will engage the wider community, inspiring those with money and goodwill to help via their purchase of community shares. The housing projects will also be built, organised and maintained in such a way that a community is created among residents. The projects will be run by residents as tenant management co-operatives or as part of similar tenants' groups and the buildings converted to be efficient, sustainable and as close to carbon-neutral as is practicable.


We're currently building homes in St George Bristol and...

AEOB has identified and acquired a site on Battens Lane in the St. George area of Bristol, which is the first to be turned into a housing project in line with the organization’s vision. After conversion, the building should house about 10 people in a mixture of two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio flats. Some prospective residents have already been identified and more are being sought: these people and other members of the community are being encouraged to take an active part in the planning and realization of the new housing project.

As well as accommodation, there will be a communal room, which should help empower the residents to be a community. Its presence in the design is a direct response to consultation with prospective residents. The site's four lock-ups will be fitted out with water and electricity, creating the possibility of their being used as recreational work spaces if the residents choose.


There are allotments nearby and the conversion will be done with ecological factors in mind, providing good insulation for the finished building and minimizing energy costs. The rents will be set and kept at a rate compatible with local housing allowance.

...we're looking for residents - could you make this your new home?

We are currently going through the process, of looking for people to live in our Battens Lane site. We have formed a prospective residents group before the completion of the site, to allow residents to gain a deeper understanding of AEOB and get a feeling of what living in co-housing would be like. If there is anyone interest in living at our Battens Lane site, then do get in touch with us via:




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