Bearwood Tenants


 Met an Acorn organiser or volunteer on Bearwood High Street or on your doorstep? We’re collecting your signatures to support ethical renting in the area. But more than that we’re listening to your experiences and stories of renting. Here are a selection...

Residents on Gladys Road have told us about problems with their agents; repairs reported that never get fixed, inspections which favoured the landlord and overlooked structural problems with the property “If I knew other people using my agent I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

On Wigorn road a resident told us how they had to involve legal advice to secure their deposit when they moved house. The landlord gave a poor explanation and was not expecting the tenant to challenge the decision. They got some of their money back, but not all of it. “I’m not from this country, will this happen every time I move house?”

On St Mary’s Road we met a working mother who moved into Bearwood with her children. She’s happy with the property but wishes it cost less so there was some money left over to treat her family and maybe save for a place of her own in the future.  “Its a nice house and the landlord has been good so far. But I'm saving nothing. Its tough. ”

And whilst out on Bearwood High Street we met a couple and their 2 week old daughter. They’ve moved into a two bedroom property to have room for their baby. Only the damp is so bad it drips down the wall in the second bedroom so now the baby sleeps with them. “It took long enough to find here, we’ll have to make do till she’s old enough to go through moving again.”

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