Putting a Damper on Renting

    Damp and mouldy homes- why should we put up with it?   Continue reading

"I told them I wasn't paying it. They didn't ask again."

£200 to sign a contract? £300 to write to an employer? £120 credit check? Agencies have a free pass to charge a bundle for taskswhich cost a bit of photocopying and 10 minutes of time. Continue reading

Bearwood Tenants

 Met an Acorn organiser or volunteer on Bearwood High Street or on your doorstep? We’re collecting your signatures to support ethical renting in the area. But more than that we’re listening to your experiences and stories of renting. Here are a selection... Continue reading

What would the ethical lettings charter change for you?

A local renter, Laura, tells us about some of her renting experiences and what ethical lettings would mean for her. Continue reading

Why I organise for Acorn

 Acorn Birmingham organiser Sam Lowe introduces herself and why social justice is important to her   Continue reading