Too many ACORN members struggle with getting and keeping decent, secure housing. So when some new affordable homes come along looking for people to live in them we get excited! Read this guest post by Jono Jenkinson of "Abolish Empty Office Blocks, House People" to find out how you can join a new housing community.... Continue reading

1000 tenant voices win the day

More than 1000 East Bristol ACORN members recently raised their voices to demand that Bristol City Council extend their Landlord Licensing scheme to cover their communities. And last week I had the pleasure of attending the Council meeting where their voices won the day. Continue reading

Bristol Tenants Raise Their Voices

It’s been a good week for tenant power here in Bristol. With the winter weather starting to bite and worsening the ever-present maintenance problems in rental properties, the dozens of tenants looking to get organised, pledge financial support and fight for decent living conditions speaks to ACORN’s growing reputation as the organisation that will get things done. Continue reading

We did it! Bristol City fully adopts ACORN 'renters charter'!*

"We have unity here" - Bristol City Mayor George Ferguson on ACORN's "Ethical Lettings Charter"   Continue reading

Bristol City follows ACORN lead - while Mayor & candidates pledge support!

"...our officers are continuing constructive discussions with ACORN about the introduction of an 'Ethical Lettings Charter' and I look forward to being able to announce progress on this later this year." - George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol Continue reading