Campaigning for Change

Opening up the pages of the press and we will be presented with a list of individuals or groups of people to blame for society’s ills with columnists paid to mount increasingly vicious attacks directed at certain members of society.

Often, when talking about our resources, we’re presented with a false choice. Why do we give money to refugees when there are homeless people on the street? Why do we give to international causes when people are out-of-work here?

But we don’t have to choose between either the first or second option. There is money and wealth out there and it is increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few.



If people can’t afford their rent, don’t earn enough to support themselves or are having their benefits sanctioned forcing them to use foodbanks, then we should be looking at how this situation has been created by policy and the way our society works.

Pointing the finger at the wrong target doesn’t lead to fundamental change. The same symptoms recur and the wealthy remain united and powerful.

ACORN fights for the common good and we believe that the targets are those with vested interests, wealth and power. We build community-led, people-power campaigns that demand changes so that society works for us and not just for the rich.

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