We held a little get together on Thursday night to celebrate the launch of our Ethical Letting Charter, and Peter Stephenson from Piper Property became the first letting agent to sign up!


The Ethical Lettings Charter challenges landlords and letting agents to commit to Bronze, Silver or Gold ethical standards, focussed on key issues of concern for renters like security, cost, access and quality. 

Piper Property are not only the first letting agent to sign up, but they have also signed up at the highest Gold level.

ACORN have brought together a movement of renters and other local residents which has begun building consensus across political parties, and the charity, housing and third sectors, that things in the private rental sector need to change, and if Government can't or won't do it, we'll do it ourselves.


ACORN activists were joined on Thursday night by leaders and staff from Shelter, Talking Money and Advice Centers For Avon, as well as activists and candidates from the Green Party and Labour Party. We're delighted to have them - and others - on board!


Piper Property have made a real commitment to improving standards and we'll be joining them to encourage up to 900 landlords to follow suit at the Landlord Expo on 12th March. We'd love some more help on our stall so if you're up for it, please contact us here.

But there are around 10,000 landlords in the city so reaching them all could take us a while!

The good news is that on the 17th March, Bristol City Council could vote to give us a headstart. They will be voting on a proposal to endorse the Ethical Lettings Charter. If they vote yes, they will push the Charter to around 4000 landlords! Lots of Councillors are already saying they'll vote yes, but we need to encourage all of them!

ACORN are holding a VOTE YES FOR ETHICAL LETTINGS rally outside the Council meeting on 17th March - please join us and bring your friends!


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