A bloke in a pub asked us to be part of a “big art thing in a small town for five weeks”. Obviously we said yes. Well, you would after a drink or two, wouldn’t you?

So now we live in Dismaland. And it is really dismal.


The website broke, so it’s chaos.


And the weather is dreadful. If it’s not tipping it down, our tent is a sun-baked sauna.


And the exhibition includes things like the eviction notice of our member and Easton Mum Jessica Mclean. So, if you’ve not seen an eviction notice before, you can see one at Dismaland. But I guess you probably have seen one, because so many of us seem to be facing eviction just now, it’s practically a new British fad.




On that note, the visitors are pretty dreary too. All week they’ve been speaking to us about being made homeless and living in cars, about applying for council housing they’ve got no chance of getting, about moving out of the city because Bristol’s too expensive, about being made redundant and losing benefits and all kinds of other things which Banksy’s Bemusement Park is very definitely designed not to distract you from.




On the plus side, loads have joined ACORN this week to get organised and fight this kind of thing. People from West Super Mare especially have told us they're up for fighting for housing, their community and Dismaland (AKA The Tropicana) itself. Though it's fair to say that has created a fair amount of paperwork, so, every silver lining has a cloud…


Anyway, we’ve warned you. But if you do come along, we’ll see you on Guerilla Island, where the most revolutionary thing on offer seems to be fly-posting classes. Dismal.

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