Easton Campaign Launched with 100 Person Pledge

After recruiting our first members, ACORN Bristol's first campaign has been launched:

To build an ACORN community organisation for Easton, Bristol!

All of us live in Easton and for us it's a priority. Easton is a great place to live in many ways. We all know there is loads going on, and a vibrant and active local community spirit.

But nowhere is without problems.

Some are very local; a street where the houses are damp and landlords arent fixing it. Or where there is a property owned by an absentee landlord which is attracting vermin.

Others happen across the UK, and that includes here in Easton; insecure, short term tenancies. High rents and tenancy fees. Low wages and insecure work. People not knowing their housing and employment rights.

Our first campaign is build an Easton Community Organisation of at least 100 people. With that we will be able to back each other up to tackle some of the local issues, forcing the council to fix the drainage in one street, then forcing landlords to fix the damp that is making kids sick in another street. We can also fund our advice sessions, making sure that people know their rights and teaching folks with an issue how to get together to sort it out.

Live in Easton? We are asking you to make a pledge, that you will join if 100 other people do too. Sign our pledge today >>

Building on from that we will continue to grow the size and strength of the Easton organisation, but we'll also launch new campaigns to build orgaisations in other parts of Bristol. And through ACORN, these can all link together with our groups in Glasgow, Edinburgh and new groups in other parts of the UK.

And the bigger we get, the more we can win! If you don't believe us, check out the incredible ways ACORN has improved lives and communities around the world wherever enough people have committed to it.

But we've got to start somewhere, and that's right here in Easton. So how about it? Will you pledge to get involved if 100 other people do to? Will you back up your neighbours to get local problems fixed if they back you up to?

25 people have pledged already. Sign our pledge today >>

Please share this with everyone you know, especially folks who live in and care about Easton! 

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