First ACORN members cards are on their way...

The first batch of ACORN Bristol members cards have been printed, signed, stamped and sent out!

First_ACORN_members_cards_are_on_their_way!.jpgNew members of ACORN's new community organisation in Easton, Bristol will be receiving their membership cards in the next few days.

ACORN Bristol intends to follow in the footsteps of our brothers and sisters worldwide, in forming mass membership community organisations big enough, strong enough and serious enough to win the economic and social justice we all deserve. 

And we're well on our way. Our three community organisers have already signed up our first 20 members, as well as a team of local volunteers. Campaigns against slum landlords who refuse to maintain healthy homes are already being planned and we'll be out and about tonight, knocking doors around Easton, asking more people to join, get involved and tell us about other campaigns we could fight.

Get involved early and help lead your new organisation! Join ACORN today.

ACORN Bristol are on our way!

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