Yesterday afternoon Bristol City Council employee Andrew Spicer, the East Area Senior Engineer for Highways, came and met with ACORN activists to discuss the many traffic issues on Chelsea Road.


ACORN had previously organised two traffic meetings with local residents to established what the biggest issues on the road were and what solutions would best suit the whole community. Representatives from that group came out to walk down Chelsea road with Mr Spicer, show him the problems on the street and demand some action.



While the neighbourhood partnership controls most of the money spent on traffic calming measures Andrew is able to access small amounts of cash if he can see an immediate need for it. And see an immediate need for it he did!


It turns out that the give way sign at the bottom of Britannia Road (the one that everybody hates) has been facing the wrong way for years - no wonder its been so confusing! 


It will be changed within a week to face the right way and encourage drivers on Chelsea Road to slow down and give way to traffic turning into Britannia Road.


Andrew also agreed to submit a request to have 20mph painted onto Chelsea road as it was agreed that the current signage is not visible enough to drivers. This work should be completed within a couple of months.



Many of Mr Spicers answers to our questions were about cost and how little money Bristol City Council had. We've not won everything we want on this issue. Its been a great start and ACORN is thankful to Andrew for acting quickly for us, but, the safety of our community and particularly children who play in the parks on either end of the street has yet to be guaranteed, while other big issues of congestion and parking have still to be looked at.


Larger measures will cost the council more cash. But with several Chelsea Rd accidents in recent years involving children - how much is too much? We need your support to force the council to listen - so please get involved now


If you want to be involved as the campaign progresses please contact us here or alternatively e-mail ACORN Easton Organiser Louie on or call him on 07739 195010


NB. Apologies for the poor quality photos... Technical issues! 

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