Food Banks in Bristol

Demand for Food Banks continues to rise. The Government claim that its not benefit sanctions or cuts to welfare that are fueling demand but just the offer of free food.  What do you think is the cause?

This episode of Panorama focuses on Bristol

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  • commented 2014-03-04 16:33:20 +0000
    Thirty-odd years of unadulterated neoliberalism/Thatcherism, culminating in a government full of sociopaths who don’t give a damn about their own people (unless you’re one of their “kind”). True Thatcher’s Children. They know what they are doing. Saw this last night (was surprised to see a slight voice of dissent screened on the BBC), but Edwina “Salmonella” Currie did her usual best to appear blind to the evidence in front of her eyes. Can’t help thinking the French had the right idea in the 1780’s………..