From Newcastle to Bristol and beyond - ACORN's National Team

Alongside Bristol, ACORN has groups in London, Reading, Newcastle and Birmingham. With teams across the country building local groups, it’s important for us to get together, share ideas, offer support and build the national team.

We spent 3 days this week in Bristol doing just that. We looked at how far we’ve come since ACORN was established in Bristol two years ago by three community organisers with a vision to where we are now, with groups in 5 cities fighting for tenants’ rights. And finally, developing our roadmap for getting to where we want to be – a powerful national organisation bringing people together to challenge vested interests, win change and campaign for renters.


So we spent the 3 days working on a cohesive national strategy, troubleshooting, creating new ideas, learning from each other and witnessing Bristol ACORN win another victory for private-rented tenants in the city, with the extension of the council’s landlord licensing scheme to a new area (see picture above of ACORN outside the council's meeting).

We’re focussed on building power for people for the long term so join us today, volunteer and come along to our next action which will be a housing accountability meeting in March.  

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