Healthy Homes

Everyone deserves affordable and decent housing.

UK housing is some of the third most expensive in Europe, but also the smallest and most cramped. We pay extremely high rents in return for poor quality housing. Mayor George Ferguson has recently admitted that in a city of almost half a million, his administration has only managed to build between 40-60 affordable homes over the last year. This is with a housing waiting list of over 10,000! His campaign goal was to be building 1000 a year by 2016.

More people in Bristol are living in privately-rented housing than at any time since World War Two. Many of us in low income neighbourhoods can't afford our own home and are forced to live in houses with mould, damp, outdated appliances and other problems because our landlords or agencies won't do the needed repairs.

We think that Bristolians deserve better than this and ACORN Bristol members are organising for more effective licensing, building inspections and stricter enforcement of regulations and building a campaign for prosecution of irresponsible landlords and a minimum housing standard in our neighbourhoods at affordable prices

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