Since humble beginnings in 1970's Arkansas, ACORN members have won victories transfering £billions to the people and making life better for millions.

The idea is simple: That when individuals join together in community groups and unions, we are more powerful. And when community groups and unions join together to influence cities, countries, industries and continents, we can have enough power to change whatever we want to. And ACORN proves it. 


Our latest victories are in London (where we've won safer street crossings), Bristol (where we have forced slum landlords to repair their tenants homes), India (where small traders have fought off the big supermarkets to protect their livelihoods), Italy (where ACORN has defended a law which allows renters to reduce their rent when landlords do wrong) and Scotland (where we've stopped landlords charging tenancy fees). But over the last 45 years we have:

In the United States…

  • Registered 5 million voters and elected scores of members to city councils, school boards, and legislative positions.
  • Raised wages through more than 100 successful “living wage” initiatives including winning minimum wage increases in Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Arkansas, Missouri and other states that gave raises to more than 10 million lower waged workers worth billions of dollars annually in increased income.
  • Forced banks to sign agreements for billions of dollars of home mortgage loans creating home ownership through directly negotiated agreements with ACORN that made 7 million families home owners.
  • Dramatically increased income supports for lower waged workers through tax programs and forced major tax preparing companies to sign agreements on disclosure, ending predatory products, and increasing outreach for tax credits.
  • Won thousands of community improvements in 38 states and 100 cities where ACORN organized more than 600 community organizations with almost 500,000 family members.

In Canada…

  • Won country’s first living wage bylaw in New Westminster in British Columbia with a starting wage of over $16 per hour.
  • Won more than $150,000,000 in landlord improvements for tenants in Toronto with a campaign for landlord licensing law.
  • Won legislation and reforms to stop payday lending abuses in British Columbia, Ontario and other provinces.
  • Introduced first provincial legislation to cap the cost of remittances from new Canadians back to their home countries as part of the ACORN International Remittance Justice Campaign.
  • Won hundreds of community improvements in the 7 cities in and around Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Hamilton, and Nova Scotia where ACORN has more than 20 community chapters and over 50,000 family members.

Around the World…

  • Won reform of the bursary system in Korogocho mega-slum in Nairobi, Kenya so that children’s fees for secondary school would be paid.
  • Stopped water privatization schemes in a number of Peruvian cities and won construction of schools, parks, paved roads, and stairways in San Juan Lauragancho, the mega-slum abutting Lima.
  • Won provision of potable water in numerous informal communities in cities in Honduras, Mexico, and India.
  • Engaged in the fight for - and slowly winning - land for informal communities in La Matanza, the mega-slum in Argentina, in south Quito in Ecuador, and in Lima, Peru.
  • Have won major rent reductions for tenants in Rome and throughout Italy through an implementation campaign and legislation providing tenants a “bounty” of rent reductions for moving landlord property on tax rolls.
  • Organized coalition to stop foreign direct investment by big multinational retail companies (like Tesco and Walmart) in India and win protections for 20 million workers involved in small retail operations. 
  • Organized unions of informal workers including auto rickshaw drivers, domestic workers, hawkers, and waste pickers in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi.
  • In Edinburgh, Scotland won refunds of fees and charges from letting agencies collecting illegally from tenants.

Today ACORN International brings together over 100, 000 families in community organisations worldwide, fighting for social and economic justice, and the newest community organisations being built under the ACORN banner are here in the UK.


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