Holbrook Moran: Respect your tenants!

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We the undersigned call on Tobie Holbrook as both an individual landlord and on behalf of Holbrook Moran Limited to become a signatory to the Ethical Lettings Charter.

Why is this important?

ACORN is leading the way in a grassroots and community-led to the housing crisis. Our Ethical Lettings Charter is a declaration of decency and statement of intent to help create a fair, professional and progressive private rental sector. Endorsed and adopted by Bristol City Council we are calling on landlords and letting agents in Bristol and beyond to sign the Charter and commit to proper standards on security, access & affordability and quality.

Tobie Holbrook is a successful local businessman (the chain of Grounded Cafes), landlord and estate agent with strong links to the communities in which his businesses operate. Despite being politely approached several times he's refusing to discuss Charter sign up and providing his tenants with decent living standards. ACORN has supported Holbrook Moran tenants to assert their rights in the past and we're disappointed that Tobie is unwilling to take this opportunity to do the right thing. 

Please join us and call for 

Holbrook Moran to sign up to ACORN’s Ethical lettings Charter

Tobie Holbrook as a private landlord to also become a signatory








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