Housing in Heaton

Last night, ACORN members and supporters got together. We talked about housing and the problems faced by renters.


Every person around the table had a story to tell from deposits unfairly taken by landlords driving sports cars to repairs not being done (including leaks coming through the ceiling, windows not sealed properly, mould affecting health and extensive building work going on whilst tenants were still living there). We also heard from people who have paid high fees to letting agents who provided minimal service. There are decent landlords and letting agents out there so why can’t they all be like this? 



After discussing these issues, we all agreed on the need for a campaign on housing. Housing problems should not be seen as problems facing individuals – they form part of a political problem that is widespread in our communities. There is a housing crisis and renters are squeezed by unscrupulous landlords and letting agents, circulating money from those on the lowest incomes to those on the top.

Joining ACORN Newcastle means being involved in a community union that builds power for people to tackle issues affecting themselves and their neighbours. We want a more just and fairer society and we can move towards this by taking collective action. So get in touch with us and get involved today! Email newcastle@acorncommunities.org.uk   

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