Learning is at the heart of our movement. We develop the capacity and skills of our members to organise and lead our communities, to plan and run change-making campaigns, and to participate in politics as equals, with people power behind us.

We are surrounded by millions of concerned people hungry for better lives and with the passion, courage and humour to win. And yet...

  • How can we listen to and connect citizens to build winning campaigns?
  • How can we develop the leadership of the millions of leaders who don't know that's who they are?
  • How can we make sure "we" really does mean "all of us" in our diversity? And
  • How can we build local, community activism into national and international movements for social, economic and environmental justice?

Our participatory training can help you connect and inspire your community to act together for good.

We provide continual and ongoing education for our volunteer activists, involving formal training, as well as 'on the job' reflection and coaching. To get involved, click here to volunteer.

We also offer low-cost social change training services for other groups and individuals. If you or your group would like to find out more, please email us for a chat at learning@acorncommunities.org.uk





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