"They don't want what's right. They want the cheapest solution to everything."

This week we're taking action on the letting agents letslivehere, calling on them to commit to higher standards. Over the next few days we'll be sharing stories from people who've rented with them to show why things need to get better. Some names in this series have been changed to protect identities. 

Read Estefany's story below.



"They didn’t do anything.

When we moved in there was damp underneath the bay windows and the rooms would even start to get wet when it rained.

We told them about it and it took them a month to come round.

When someone finally came round they touched the wall, looked at it, went away and didn’t do anything. They never gave us any feedback about it.

It’s ridiculous how many problems we had with them.

They also manage the property above us and at one point water started leaking down into our flat from the toilet upstairs. There was water running down the light fitting and off the end of the lightbulb. That seemed pretty dangerous to me. It took them a week to come round and look at it.

At first they tried to blame the people upstairs and us, saying that they must have broken something on the toilet. In the end it turned out there was a pipe missing. In total it took them a week to come out and look at it and a week to repair it.

There was also water leaking through one of the windows at the back of the house.

There were rats too. You could hear them through the walls. We reported that straight away and it took them two weeks to do something about it.

When they did send someone round we think it died in the walls as there were loads of flies.

Each time we had a problem we submitted it and had to wait ages before they were prepared to do something about it.

Mould started growing behind both wardrobes in both our bedrooms and mould started growing on our clothes. I’m sure it was from the leaks.

When we told them about it they didn’t send anyone round to even investigate it, they just told us to keep the windows open. But why would you do that on a ground floor flat?

They’re such a bad letting agency, they don’t seem interested in anyone who lives there. They don’t want what’s right. They want the cheapest and fastest solution to everything." - Estefany, ACORN member

Think this is wrong?

You can come along to our action on Saturday, and sign Darren's petition here.

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