Letter from a Member


One of our members, Peter Sagar, recently wrote this letter to the Editor of the local newspaper

Dear Editor,

I thought at the time that Tory triumphalism was misplaced in May, as winning a majority of 12 was turned into a landslide, simply because any Tory majority at all was unexpected. Sitting here now at the end of October, that triumphalism looks even more dubious.

It seems to have taken less than six months for Tory policy to begin to unravel as the opposition to tax credit cuts, which will unfairly hit over a million hard-working people grows. This week saw David Cameron unable to answer a simple question from Jeremy Corbyn on whether revised plans for tax credit cuts will continue to cause real suffering for people. Then we have seen a succession of Tory M.P.s lining up in the House of Commons to warn George Osborne to drastically reconsider the cuts to tax credits.

At the same time rents continue to go through the roof while, often complacent, landlords make thousands from housing benefits. The housing benefits bill could be cut so easily, without causing any real financial pain, if reasonable rent caps were introduced. This government, of course, doesn't want to do that as one in four Tory M.P.s are private landlords.

As the growth rate stagnates at a mere 0.5%, it seems more and more that the government's austerity programme is nothing more than an ideological attack on the poor and not a serious economic programme.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Sagar  


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