Letting agent letting you down?


Imagine a Reading where everyone can afford to live in a safe, secure, warm home. Where repairs are carried out quickly, where renters are safe from being evicted at the drop of a hat, where it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to move house or extend your contract.


In February, ACORN members came together and decided to try and improve the housing situation in Reading. We’d been talking to people in the community and they’d said that the biggest problem facing people in Reading was housing, particularly if you were privately renting. They told us about waiting over a year to get the kitchen roof repaired and stop it leaking. They told us about being on a rolling contract meaning you’re never more than two months away from having to move house. Mostly they told us just how expensive Reading is, such as having to pay letting agent fees of over £300 on top of things like deposits and rent in advance.


So, we started collecting a petition demanding that letting agents remove their fees and offer longer, more secure tenancies. In the last couple of months over 600 people have signed that petition. We delivered the petition to a few letting agents on 5th March. And now we’re doing more.


On this Thursday 14th April we’re inviting letting agents to come and meet the community to answer questions about their fees and their practices. We want you to come along, have your say, ask them questions and change the way they work. We’ll be meeting them in New Christ Church Primary School hall, Milman Road, RG2 0AY at 7pm. We will tell them our experiences of insecure and poor quality housing, make our voices heard and tell them why this matters.


Come along, have your say, get your voice heard. Bring your friends, family and colleagues – the more of us there are, the more powerful we’ll be.

Letting agent letting you down? Let’s do something about it.

Come along and make your voice heard! Tell us you can come and RSVP here or using the facebook event.

ACORN is as strong as our members. Imagine how powerful we’d be if we had 1,000, or 10,000 people in Reading all demanding change! So we need help building this. ACORN relies on members stepping up to the plate and taking some responsibility. If you feel like you can help in any way email usmessage us on facebook or sign up on our volunteer page. Anything you feel you can contribute is a help, be it standing with us talking to members of the public for a couple of hours, to talking to your neighbours, to helping us input data, to liking and sharing our facebook posts - as a certain supermarket chain claims, 'Every little helps!' And we couldn't do anything without our members chipping in the price of a cup of coffee once a month. If you like what we do and would be up for donating, you can sign up here.

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