LONDON: ACORN Newham and Beyond


Fresh from helping members organise in Brixton where we won our first campaign, we’re about to start our second London effort in Forest Gate, Newham. Together with other ACORN groups across the country, we're starting to build a powerful and organised voice for change - for tenants’ rights, welfare rights, and other citizen’s rights.

If you live in Newham, and you can spare an hour or more to kick start things here, or perhaps you’ve just got something to say, we’d love to hear from you.

But we realise that, in order to build people-power at the grassroots across the capital, EVERYONE should have the opportunity to have an ACORN voice in their community right now! Here’s how to unite with us, wherever you live:

  1. Talk with an ACORN organiser about the issues that matter to you, and how and why communities come together in our union.

  2. Plan with an organiser how to build an ACORN neighbourhood group where you live.

  3. Launch your first neighbourhood action

We can support you every step of the way. Sound good? Unite with us now.

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