That's the text we just got from ACORN Easton Interim Branch Chair Immy.


After months of problems, ACORN have won the repairs she needed and rent reduction in the meantime - just by existing and standing with her to negotiate with her landlord.

6 months ago, ACORN Easton launched a campaign to improve life for private renters and our whole community. What’s happened since then has been amazing.

Halloween_Housing_Horror_Panorama.jpg100’s of people have become full ACORN members and more than 1600 of you have joined this campaign. We’ve seen rooms full of residents hold letting agents to account. We’ve seen our community turn out to force dodgy landlords to fix up members’ homes. We’ve seen politicians and authorities start to take notice.

But this month has been the best so far, with victory after victory!

Halloween_Housing_Horror_Win.jpgAt the beginning of October, ACORN support pushed a slum-landlord to finally agree to fix a members boiler and agree a 50% rent reduction in the meantime.

Then throughout October, we’ve won the courageous support of Shelter, Labour Party and Green Party Councillors, Talking Money, Ashley Community Housing, Knightstone Housing Association, 1625 Independent People, Labour candidate Thangam Debbonaire and Stephen Williams MP for our plan to create a Bristol Ethical Lettings Charter.

And then on 1st November, no less than 80 local residents turned out for our biggest, noisiest, most fun action yet – our Halloween Housing Horror demonstration!

Halloween_Housing_Horror_2.jpg80 vampires, ghouls, ghosts, councillors and tenants joined together, singing songs and visiting five letting agents on Church Road Redfield.

Three of the five shut their doors for the day and hopefully a drop in profits will give them pause for thought.

But thanks to our members determined action and tenacious negotiations, two of the agents signed a pledge to enter a discussion with ACORN toward an Ethical Lettings Charter!

Halloween_Housing_Horror_9.jpgNot stopping there, in just the last week, we’ve negotiated a rent refund for a tenant member who was stuck in a horribly damp room, and won boiler repairs for another.

We are proving one thing and one thing only: When we get together, we are powerful.

Halloween_Housing_Horror_5.jpgCurrently ACORN Easton has a little over 100 full-members, each chipping in between 25p - £1.25 a week to make this happen. If you join them, we get stronger – it’s as simple as that.  

Become a full voting member today. Chip in what you can and help make our voice louder and stronger. Click here to join now or contact us for a paper application form.

And if you want to find out more, get more active or just join us for a celebration, please come along to our AGM on Friday 21st November (full details are here).

Thanks for everything you do – see you at the AGM!

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