Newham Renters


LANDLORDS & LETTING AGENTS have had it good. More of us forced to rent. Rents keep rising. But, what do we get for our money?

Citizens Advice says that 1 in 6 rented homes are dangerous to health, and Newham's own Mayor says that about a quarter of landlords here are criminals!

Why don't more people speak out against mould, damp or disrepair? Some do. Many don't, because they fear being evicted. And if you have to search for a new home, it can cost a fortune in fees and deposit. 

3 years ago, the safety problem was so bad in Newham that the council forced every landlord to be licensed. A great idea - act irresponsibly and face a fine or a ban. But, right now, is this protecting everyone? Sometimes it can still feel like irresponsible landlords are free to do what they like.

In one of the richest cities in the world, is it right that it should be this way? We don't think so, and that's why we're campaigning for safer homes, and the security to speak out. 


  • TAKE ACTION: We don't just talk. We take action. Sign our petitions. Spread the word on social media. Volunteer. Every little helps build our strength. 
  • SHARE YOUR STORY: Stories are powerful. Have an irresponsible landlord? Could you share your story with us? We make the powerful listen, and want to hear from you today.
  • BE AN ACORN MEMBER: Members are our strength. Every new member helps ACORN grow. By joining and making a small contribution each month, you can helps us grow too. Find out more here.

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