"They don't want what's right. They want the cheapest solution to everything."

This week we're taking action on the letting agents letslivehere, calling on them to commit to higher standards. Over the next few days we'll be sharing stories from people who've rented with them to show why things need to get better. Some names in this series have been changed to protect identities.  Read Estefany's story below.   Continue reading

Renters Rising Kicks-Off in London!

  Didn’t Make it to Renters Rising? You missed a great day!! Last Saturday, people came together for the first Renters Rising - a community organising workshop & skillshare for renters. It was a chance for London renters to collaborate and learn together, and to share skills and ideas for organsing our movement. Continue reading

People, power, action! ACORN Newcastle trains 20 in community organising

 “Inclusive, exciting, empowering and inspiring"  -  “Informative, inspiring and fun”  -  "Absolutely brilliant!" We did a training weekend!   Continue reading

ACORN Newcastle celebrates historic win in campaign for better housing

"It was such a positive day. I was really pleased that most of the people we spoke to had heard of ACORN and gave us positive feedback about the campaign. We've achieved such a great deal in the last 4 months, the signing event was testament to that and all signs seem to point to the group growing and growing". Steph, ACORN Newcastle Member. Continue reading


  (C) Adam Harrington from the Whitley Pump.  Last night we met with two Reading letting agents to talk about the state of renting in Reading. Continue reading

Letting agent letting you down?

  Imagine a Reading where everyone can afford to live in a safe, secure, warm home. Where repairs are carried out quickly, where renters are safe from being evicted at the drop of a hat, where it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to move house or extend your contract. Continue reading


Too many ACORN members struggle with getting and keeping decent, secure housing. So when some new affordable homes come along looking for people to live in them we get excited! Read this guest post by Jono Jenkinson of "Abolish Empty Office Blocks, House People" to find out how you can join a new housing community.... Continue reading

From Small ACORNS

A Living Tradition is a small Newcastle-based community interest company, which reflects on the heritage of human rights and community cohesion work in the Northeast of England and uses it as an inspiration to encourage further work now and in the future.  Peter Sagar from A Living Tradition has written a reflection of some of the housing problems which have traditionally afflicted some people on Tyneside and documented how people have historically tried to alleviate these problems. Following on from this, Peter has recorded on the progress made by ACORN between the summer of 2015 and March 2016. It is really interesting reading and shows how the hard work and successes of ACORN are part of a long and proud tradition of working to improve housing in Newcastle and the wider conurbation of Tyneside.  To read more, click here.  

ACORN Organiser Vacancy - St Pauls Bristol - Info Night & Applications!

We're hiring in St Pauls! Care about community? Passionate about people power? Hungry for housing justice? Join the team... Continue reading

Letting 'em have it!

On a cold but clear day last Saturday, ACORN Reading members took to the streets and took the first steps on their campaign to improve the practices of letting agents.  Continue reading