Only 1 week to go! Will you join us in making changes in Reading?


In just one weeks time, Reading residents will be coming together to discuss issues in Reading and how we as a community can tackle them. We'll be meeting in New Christ Church Primary School hall, Milman Road, RG2 0AY at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd of February.

In 7 days, people from across Reading will come together for the first meeting of Reading ACORN.

The meeting (7pm, New Christ Church Primary School hall, Milman Road, RG2 0AY) will be the first chance for new members of the union to meet together and decided on our groups first campaigns.

It will also be the best chance for supportive or curious non-members to find out more and get involved.

We're talking to people all the time, and already the response has been amazing.


Launch meeting of ACORN Bristol

But the more of us there are, the stronger we'll be. We'd love even more people to come. Please let us know if you're coming and if you're bringing some friends along (the Facebook event is here, or you could email us using Also, if you haven’t already, could you please put a poster in your window and leaflet a few of your neighbours’ doors? Or make some phone calls to remind people of the meeting? If you're up for any of these things, just let us know.


Launch meeting of ACORN London

Most importantly though, we need some help at the first meeting. Could you help people sign in and join the union? Or speak about an issue you care about? Or help run the new group over the next few months?

Some of us from around the area had a chat last week and started to plan how the meeting runs. But lots of hands make light work – so please help. If you're able to help, let us know by email, via facebook, or call us on 07873 203016.

As we've been talking to people around the area, we've heard loads of reasons why a strong, united community union is needed in Reading. From traffic to benefit cuts, there's lots to talk about, but the main thing we've spoken to people about is the cost and quality of housing in Reading. At this launch event, we'll be discussing issues, and the ways we as a community and an organisation can tackle them. We've already started taking action around letting agents and the fees they charge, but this launch meeting will be the opportunity to get more people involved and really make some changes. Will you stand with your neighbours to make these changes?


Housing campaign planning meeting in Reading

Over the last decade, a lot has changed. Wages have stagnated and prices have increased, while politicians seem more and more alike and distant. House prices have risen steeply, pricing many people out and into a risky, unregulated private rental market. As one ACORN member told us; "Reading has changed a lot since I was a kid. I want to help rebuild the community".

If you're up for helping him, please, click here.

We can’t wait to see you and your friends, family and neighbours at the first meeting of ACORN Reading, 7pm, Tuesday 23rd February at New Christ Church Primary School hall, Milman Road, RG2 0AY. Together, we will build a strong community union that can make our united voice loud!

See you there.


Launch meeting of ACORN Newcastle

A few of us are going to meet up again to make more plans this Thursday at 7.30pm in our office. If you’d like to come along and get involved, you're very welcome. Please let us know if you plan to come.

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