Check out our exciting new training course!

Starting on 1st November, in partnership with the Barton Hill Settlement and backed by the Community Organisers Programme, we're launching a 6 month volunteer training programme in the Foundations of Community Organising, completely FREE of charge!

If you care about community, you're passionate about people power and you can spare around 3 hours per fortnight, this course is perfect for you.



You'll learn to listen, connect and inspire your community to act together for change - and you could gain a CERTA award for your achievement!

So, what is this community organising?

Community organising is all about drawing the community together, to unite around common concerns and build collective people power to address them. Organisers listen. We encourage. We connect people. We motivate friends and neighbours to act together for the common good. We draw out the stories that connect us, and help our communities get organised to create people powered change.


Who can be an organiser?

Well, Barack Obama and Martin Luther King cut their teeth as community organisers so who knows what you could end up achieving!

But really the best organisers are people just like you; people who care about our community. Good listeners. Enthusiastic types; persuasive - sometimes angry. We’re incredibly diverse, but we share some values (things like equality, democracy, fairness and community itself). 

ACORN Organiser Stuart Melvin says:

"The first rule of being an organiser is to replace yourself, to skillshare to the extent that whatever you help a community to achieve, they're left with the skills and tools to keep on achieving more. We're passionate about people power - and we want to help you build it!"

Through this course you'll learn to listen 1:1 to identify concerns, hopes, ideas and potential leaders, you'll learn to generate a buzz and bring people together at big community assemblies, how to identify, plan and run effective campaigns, and how to build powerful community organisations.

If you're still reading ;) click here to find out more and get signed up!


Or, check out some of the reasons why your neighbours have already signed up:

"To develop my skills, to learn about the differing cultures within our community, to listen, act and advocate on people's behalf, to further my career and gain experience"

"I am interested in experiencing a leadership role within my community"

"I'm a creative person and I like to organize and to see people getting involved, coming together and taking action. I like to listen, to take action, to be involved and organize community activities and create teams that are successful together"

 What about you? Register and tell us here >>



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