Our new video

Back in October, more than 80 people joined our Halloween Housing Horror action, protesting outside letting agents and demanding a dialogue on how to improve the private rental sector in Bristol.

The action won press coverage and the signatures of two letting agents agreeing to enter discussions with ACORN in the new year.

Oh, and we filmed it...

So, here is our first ACORN campaign video! Please, if you support our campaign, share it with your friends!

The victorious residents of the New Era Estate have showed us all that if we get organised and stand up for our communities, even the richest, most powerful corporation can be beaten. If that's the case, then we'll sure as hell beat dodgy local landlords, and we'll win Jacqui's repairs and in 2015 we will make waves by finally building a community union across the UK that can not only defend our members, but start to set the agenda.

We want to take this opportunity say thank you to everyone who has joined, supported and got active in ACORN in 2014. It's been great getting to know you all and campaigning alongside you. 

On behalf of Immy, Maria, Mat and all the ACORN Easton activists, and from Nick, Louie, Stu and all the ACORN Organising Team,

Happy Christmas!

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