Putting a Damper on Renting




Damp and mouldy homes- why should we put up with it?


After only a couple of months of talking to renters in Birmingham, Smethwick and Bearwood, we have heard hundreds of stories about issues of repairs not being done and houses not being properly maintained. One thing that we hear about at least ten times a week is damp.

Tenants we are speaking to, on average are paying £500-£600 per month for the privilege of living in houses with wet walls, and very often black mould, as seen in the pictures provided by one of our members, who lives with her partner and daughter in a two-bedroomed house in Winson Green.


The mould is not the only problem, water is pouring into their home through a light fitting, and the walls are soaking wet. They have lived there for three years, work nearby, and their daughter goes to local school. They have made the home their own, but are feeling forced to move out, just because they cannot get this problem sorted out. The damp is causing breathing difficulties, and their belongings to be ruined.



So why are landlords and letting agents not doing anything to fix this problem? Many of the people that we have spoken to have told us that they have complained, written letters, sent emails and pictures to the people managing their property, but very often they are ignored or fobbed off with a quick paint job, only for the problem to return weeks later. Why do they think they can ignore us, fob us off and put us and out families at risk by expecting us to put up with these dangerous and harmful conditions?

ACORN and our ever-growing members have had enough! We are not going to put up with these conditions, and neither should you. Join ACORN here to win better homes for renters.


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