(C) Adam Harrington from the Whitley Pump.  Last night we met with two Reading letting agents to talk about the state of renting in Reading. Continue reading

Letting agent letting you down?

  Imagine a Reading where everyone can afford to live in a safe, secure, warm home. Where repairs are carried out quickly, where renters are safe from being evicted at the drop of a hat, where it doesn't cost and arm and a leg to move house or extend your contract. Continue reading

Letting 'em have it!

On a cold but clear day last Saturday, ACORN Reading members took to the streets and took the first steps on their campaign to improve the practices of letting agents.  Continue reading

Taking on Reading's housing crisis

On the 23rd February, almost 40 hardy souls braved the cold weather to attend ACORN Reading's launch meeting. And what a meeting it was. Continue reading

Join us in 4 days to make a difference

In just 4 days, ACORN Reading will hold our launch meeting. We will decide what we want to campaign on and what actions we want to take. In 4 days, ACORN members in Reading will take a stand, to start having an impact on the issues that are affecting us most.  Continue reading

Only 1 week to go! Will you join us in making changes in Reading?

  In just one weeks time, Reading residents will be coming together to discuss issues in Reading and how we as a community can tackle them. We'll be meeting in New Christ Church Primary School hall, Milman Road, RG2 0AY at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd of February. Continue reading

Being Let Down #3

Another tale of woe from the frontline of the housing crisis. Have you had any dealings with Jon Rosi? Does this story sound familiar? If this story sounds familiar, or you want people to hear your housing horror story get in contact with us through email, facebook or twitter, or fill in our survey. Continue reading

Being let down? #2

  So, as we've said, every week we're going to be bringing stories about some of the dodgy practices letting agents in Reading are getting up to. Last week we brought you the sorry tale about Haart, who, through a combination of incompetence and lying made life for one group of people difficult both throughout and after the tenancy leaving a couple of people homeless. This weeks tale of woe comes from John* living in East Reading. If his story sounds familiar, or you want people to hear your housing horror story get in contact with us through email, facebook or twitter, or fill in our survey. Continue reading

Being Let Down? #1

One thing that we're constantly being told is that renting in Reading is rubbish. Hardly a week goes by without an article appearing talking about price rises or terrible conditions, and it's what people bring up with us when we're talking to them in the street and on the doorsteps. In response to this, we've been collecting stories from renters in the area about their experiences with their letting agents. Some of them are pretty shocking. We'll be bringing a new experience to you each week. If they sound familiar or you've got a story of your own, please fill in our survey. Continue reading

Housing campaign kicks off.

ACORN Reading's housing campaign is off to a flying start! After a great meeting on Tuesday night with some passionate members who have experienced first hand some of the issues with letting agents in the Reading area we’ve come up with some ideas, but we need to hear from more people! Continue reading