Make your voices heard on renting! Public event 3rd March

On Thursday 3rd March, 6:30pm, at Chillingham Road Primary School, we will be having a public meeting on renting.



In a week’s time, residents and tenants will have the opportunity to talk about the real issues facing people who rent in the private sector with those who rent out our homes.

We’d like to thank Heaton Properties, letslivehere and Wright Residential, letting agents who have all agreed to come and talk to us about how we can make housing better for people. One of the things people have said makes for good landlords and agents is responsiveness so this is an important first step.


When: Thursday 3rd March, 6:30pm         

Where: Chillingham Road Primary School

What: Come along to meet your neighbours, share your experiences of renting and make your voice heard on what can be done to make it better.

RSVP here today! 


Why do we care about housing?

More and more people in the UK are renting privately. There are double the number of private rented households now than there were ten years’ ago. 30% of these homes do not meet decent homes standards and 377,000 homes are damp.

What does that mean here in Newcastle?

It means if you live in an area where there are lots of renters, the chances are you or some of your neighbours are having problems with their homes. It means people are faced with damp, mould, cold houses and problems with repairs. We’ve met people who have suffered carbon monoxide poisoning, gone without boilers in winter, and suffered from asthma or skin complaints because of mould.

But we can make a difference

By supporting each other as a community, we can tackle these issues and demand higher standards for people who are renting.

So if you haven’t already RSVPed, do so here and make your voice heard! 



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