Safety and Security for Newham Renters


We back Newham's property licensing scheme to improve bad housing but too often its basic standards are not met and it does little to give tenants the security to speak out when they have a problem with their home. This condemns many to a life of stress, stuck in temporary accommodation and constant moving.

It doesn't have to be this way. The licencing scheme, which has already rooted out some of the worst landlords in the borough could be used to push every landlord into making their homes fit to live in. One in every six rented homes are dangerous.

We call on Newham Council’s head of private housing, Russell Moffatt, to sit down with ACORN to discuss:

  • improving the enforcement of the property licensing scheme, and
  • protecting tenants who want to speak out against their landlord.

By signing this petition, we can show how urgent it is for the council to work with ACORN to take action against bad landlords. Together, we can make Newham a borough where tenants are fully protected and everybody renting is safe, has space and feels secure.

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