Things to come in 2016

2015 was a big year for the housing crisis. It seems that everyone in the country is talking about it. Houses prices going through the roof (no pun intended), housing policies that benefit the rich and growing awareness of horrifying statistics showing how poor housing affects our health. And let’s not forget that 350,000 renters were evicted last year. 


Things are bad but we are part of a growing movement organising a fight back and we have shown that when people get together we can get results. ACORN in the UK is growing our campaign for tenants’ rights and have beaten evictions, won repairs and are campaigning for ethical lettings.




Here in Newcastle, we have just launched in Heaton where housing was voted as the first campaign. In December, we faced snowy conditions to let people know what our plans are, showing them how bad some of the housing is and initiating conversations with lettings agents. The media have been in touch to cover what we are doing as we build up towards our first community housing meeting in February where we can talk to letting agents about these issues, celebrate the good and put pressure on the bad.  We’ll also be meeting local politicians and working with other organisations to move the campaign forward, and of course, doing outreach to meet as many residents as possible and hear your stories.

2016 looks set to be a important year so get in touch if you’d like to be involved! Email us on

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