Two days in Dismaland


Last week I went down from Newcastle to Weston-Super-Mare to help out at ACORN's stall at Banksy's Dismaland.


We were one of only four organisations invited to have a stall in the park, so it felt like a great chance to meet a lot of people.

Over the two days I was there I spoke to hundreds of people about inequality in the UK, and the effect that's having on people, especially in our homes. If anyone ever tells you that the housing market in this country is working for people then I would guess they've not met enough renters.

IMAG0133.jpg      IMAG0138.jpg      IMAG0200.jpg

We also got hundreds of people to sign our petition about housing and commit to supporting us in the long-term. ACORN UK is now a national organisation with organisers in cities across the country. We'll look to take on the important challenges wherever they happen so it's exciting to be building up that national presence.


One of the bits I found most interesting in the park were the posters right opposite our stall – in clear and articulate writing and charts they spell out quite how unequal things have become. Hundreds of people stopped to take photos of them on their way past – it shows how much impact you can have when you've got a clear message.

IMAG0093.jpg      IMAG0094.jpg      IMAG0097.jpg

So, a lot of people supportive, and only one person who was convinced I was an art exhibit....


With 150,000 people visiting the park over a month and queues for hours outside, the BBC's even been asking whether Banksy is the UK's favourite living artist. ACORN's been there every day of the event – so special thanks to Bristol leader and member Anny for co-ordinating the volunteers – and it was great to have my own two days to be a part of it.

Join us here.


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