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What does the course involve?

The ACORN London community organising volunteer training programme lasts for six months, fully supported, with the option to get a recognised accreditation in community organising. It begins with a weekend workshop on the 17th and 18th January, which covers the fundamentals of organising. After that, you will have the opportunity to train 'on the job', for which you and fellow participants will have access to regular, guided support from ACORN London organisers.

What does the two day workshop cover?

The aim of the two-day workshop is to cover what it takes to be an organiser. The activities will be a mix of discussion, group exercises and practical demonstrations.  The workshop deals with why we organise and how we organise:

Why we organise

We will start with the ideas and practice of community organising, including its history and values, and compare it with other types of community work. Much of this will be about power: the central concept at the heart of organising.

How we organise

We will start to cover the practical side of organising, which you’ll learn as you go through the 6 month programme. This includes;

  • planning an organising drive;
  • developing organising skills;
  • introducing organising tools such as 1-2-1s;
  • running effective community meetings and;
  • supporting action.


What does the ‘on the job’ training involve?

Following the two day workshop, we will split into small groups for practical work experience over the next few months. People will work on organising drives in communities in south London, including working on existing ACORN London projects.

We will come back together for regular catch ups and special classes and we will finish the course with a big community celebration event.

What does the accreditation involve?

An optional accreditation in the Principles, Purpose and Practice of Community Organising is offered to all participants. This requires several written assignments and is verified by CERTA, part of the Open College Network.

Who is it for and what are the commitments?

Simply put, we are looking for anyone with the motivation, passion and enthusiasm to make the world a fairer place. It is designed for volunteers new to organising, not professional organisers. You will need to commit to the weekend training, January 17th-18th, and at least three hours every fortnight.

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