Join this free, nationally accredited, 6 month Newcastle based training course in the foundations of community organising and gain CERTA recognition of your achievement.

Community Organising.

What’s that?

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Community organising is the practice of drawing the community together, to unite around common concerns and build collective people power to address them. Organisers listen. We encourage. We connect people. We motivate friends and neighbours to act together for the common good. We draw out the stories that connect us, and unleash the potential of our communities. We help our communities get organised to create people powered change.

Who are these organisers?

Barack Obama? Martin Luther King? Well sure, they started out as community organisers but…

No, we are people just like you; people who care about our community. Good listeners. Enthusiastic types; persuasive - sometimes angry. We’re incredibly diverse, but we share some values (things like equality, democracy, fairness and community itself).

We’re passionate about people power - and we want to work with you to help build it.

What’s this all about?

Starting in January, ACORN, backed by the Community Organisers programme, are launching an exciting 6 month volunteer training programme in the foundations of community organising, completely FREE of charge.

Between 31st January 2015 – 1st July 2015 we are inviting you to work alongside us in Newcastle for a few hours a month. You will learn ways of engaging people, bringing them together and working with them to build powerful local groups and campaigns that can influence decision making.  

We will train and support you, and you could gain a nationally recognised accreditation in the purpose, practice and process of community organising.

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