We did it! Bristol City fully adopts ACORN 'renters charter'!*

"We have unity here" - Bristol City Mayor George Ferguson on ACORN's "Ethical Lettings Charter"



(photo by Louis Emmanuel, Bristol 24/7)

Last night Bristol Mayor George Ferguson sat opposite ACORN activists, and next to City Council Cabinet members from all parties and declared:

"We have unity here...we must campaign"

Then - pending a few last minute tweaks from us - he formally committed Bristol City Council to endorsing our Ethical Lettings Charter!

This is a 3rd and final City Council level victory for the more than 10,000 Bristol renters who have supported our campaign for housing justice in the city. Here's what it means in practice:

  • Bristols 1000's of council homes will be committed to meeting the standards in the Charter!
  • We'll be able to use the Council logo!
  • Bristol City Council will join us in urging landlords and agents to sign up!
  • We've made history, securing the first UK authority commitment to a "renters charter"!

It's great news and if you've signed our petitions, donated to support us, joined us at meetings, rallies and doorknocking, retweeted and shared us, or otherwise helped - well done! You've made this possible.

Now, we have to seize the opportunity and show landlords and agents that this is just the start.


If you haven't already, please volunteer now to help win landlord and letting agent commitment to the Ethical Lettings Charter!

We need to run with this political support and start winning agent and landlord sign ups to improve their rental standards in Bristol! We're going to really need your help - so please click here to volunteer and state "ELC Team" in the comment  box!

Thank you all so much for your support, signatures, donations, stories and singing, shouting, placard waving activism - we did it!

Check the Bristol 24/7 article here


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