Heaton, what do you want to see change?

Over the past few weeks, we have been knocking on doors and having stalls to find out about all the great things about Heaton as well as what people want to see change and what challenges people are facing in the area.

We’ve heard about bad landlords and letting agents leaving houses to go mouldy and damp, leaving leaks to go unrepaired, not fixing heating in winter and charging high fees for poor service. Stumping up a deposit, one month’s rent in advance and the high administration fees can add up to £1000 or more, just to find somewhere to live.



We’ve also heard about how rats are attracted to the backlanes where rubbish is dumped and flytipping is rife.

Homelessness and foodbank usage is on the increase and people are fed up with how society is benefitting a few whilst others are left in more and more precarious situations. Wages do not meet the cost of living for many people, including for young apprentices earning less than the minimum wage, whilst others are struggling to find jobs on permanent contracts.

We’ve also heard from people who want to see more activities for children and young people, who want to see investment in the parks and environment and who want a High Street that caters for a greater variety of needs.

How can people, whose voices are not listened to, get the change they want to see?

ACORN believes that when people act together, there is little they can’t win or achieve. ACORN unites people in communities, challenging power structures and running campaigns. Our record across the world, including in the United States and Canada, shows that we can create a fairer, more equal society and we want to bring this record of success to Newcastle. In the USA, ACORN won increases in minimum wages worth billions of dollars and won legislation and reforms to stop payday lending abuses in British Columbia, Ontario and other provinces of Canada.

 So join us today here and get in touch if you’d like to be involved: newcastle@acorncommunities.org.uk

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