Wow! 70 Easton residents in just 10 days...

On the 20th March, ACORN Bristol launched our campaign to build a community union in Easton – a mass-membership organisation for tenants, residents and workers in our neighbourhood. We asked 100 people to join and in just 10 days we’re almost there!


We want a loud voice on the things that affect us – like housing, jobs and the neighbourhood - and the power to create change. And we know that the means to achieve that is a big democratic organisation and strength in numbers.

That’s why we want our group to start big and so – on our website, social media and by knocking on doors – we’ve been asking people to make a pledge: That they will join and come to the first meeting if at least 100 other neighbours do too.

We launched the pledge campaign 10 days ago, and today we got our 70th pledge. This puts us way ahead of target, but hey…. The bigger we are the more we can win! So let’s smash that 100 person target and get even more by the time of our first meeting.

If you've not yet pledged, please do so now

If you’ve already pledged, thanks! Will you now help us make a loud, united, powerful voice for Easton by sharing this with a friend or neighbour?

Let’s see 200 Easton residents get together in early May to form our community union!

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